Challenges Faced By a Lawyer

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A lawyer or attorney is a person who is licensed to practice law as an advocate, barrister, civil law notary, legal executive or public servant preparing and interpreting previous laws. The role of the lawyer varies greatly across legal jurisdictions. Responsibilities and role also differ by career structure, education, and past history as well. The earliest people who could be titled as lawyers were the orators of ancient Athens. Since then the structure, role, responsibilities and legal processes have been evolving to its latest form according to the needs and demands of the society.

Brendan Williams

There is a list of responsibilities for a lawyer so choosing it as a career must be a calculated step. Negotiating and contracting drafts, advocacy, protecting intellectual property, oral arguments in the court and giving legal advice to the client is the part of his job. Some of the challenges faced while performing these tasks include:


Handling the stress and maintaining the workflow makes the job most reputed and paid. Deadlines, billing pressures, client’s demands and changing laws adds up to the anxiety factor. This is the only sole reason why it ends up having career dissatisfaction. Similarly, when a lawyer is unable to practice law with a peaceful mind, it results in a crumbled up system. Courts and lawmaking bodies face unrest and anger is seen in the public.

The strict schedule and long working hours:

Being a lawyer demands for long working hours and strict routines. Most importantly the competitive environment and global nature of law have also increased the duties of a lawyer. The competitive environment has also forced lawyers to spend more time on client development.

Technological advancement:

Technology has transformed the practice of law and lawyers must become proficient in a wide range of technology platforms. Document review, management tools, and spreadsheet and billing software have all made the task easy yet competitive.

Public image:

Social media, networking, and marketing are the main factors that have changed the image of a person. Today professionals are judged by their public image, social standing and public perception. This has created ease for the people to judge the efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism of a lawyer.

Keeping personal matters apart:

It is really important for a lawyer to keep their private matters apart from their professional life. State level decisions, client matters, advocacy and oral arguments in the court demands for transparency, accountability, and responsibility which is possible when private matters are distant from work life.

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