Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities for Students

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In this world of globalization, interaction and integration it is really pertinent for students to involve in social activities. This helps to improve skills, confidence, leadership qualities, and freshness from monotonous routine life. Institutions these days charge for sports, societies and different co-curricular activities apart from academic free. This shows the importance and value of such events and activities in personality grooming and character building. Therefore, a student’s social life is as important as their academic life.

Brendan Williams

Humans are social animals they always want interaction, communication, and collaboration with other human beings. Also, this notion is inherently wrong to say that social activities outside the class distract students and their studies. Sports, events and different platforms for grooming help students to know more about the dynamics of the world outside the class. Moreover, improved academic performance, essential life skills, and higher self-esteem are seen among students who are more involved in extracurricular activities.

Workplace training:

Making students learn and reproduce the same content in exams make their thinking abilities dull and mar their analytical skills. Giving them exposure to practical life and insight about workplace enhance their professional skills, management, and speaking power before people.

Improved time management:

Students involved in social activities are seen to manage time more properly then book worms. They better know how to set apart their academic and social life. Humans always want change and being involved in healthy activities fosters professional skills which help to improve time management. This also makes students to value time more than before because now they would have more things to do.

Exploration and innovation:

Imitating and copying the same old patterns can never promote innovation. Human history is evident enough to see how changing needs and demands of society promoted the wellbeing of humans. When a student discovers his own path he is more likely to excel in it rather than making him study unwanted syllabus. Extracurricular allow students to pursue their interest outside the standardized academic context.

Cultural integration:

Globalization and interaction ask for cultural integration. It is important because different cultures make us learn about different aspects of life. Their beliefs, values, and morals teach us to respect their identities and promote tolerance and acceptance in society. This is the only reason why many international students face a cultural shock when they plan to study abroad.

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Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities for StudentsunratedBrendan Williams2019-06-18 08:13:59In this world of globalization, interaction and integration it is really pertinent for students to involve in social activities. This helps to improve…

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